Free Hip Hop Drum Kit

hip-hop-drum-kit-squareFree Hip Hop Drum Kit features a hand selected collection of one shot drum samples suitable for hip hop music productions. These samples are designed exclusively by the ProducersHot team.

This ProducersHot exclusive free hip hop drum kit brings a high quality library of kick drums, snares, claps, hi hats and percussions to add to your production environment.

All samples are carefully designed and processed, you won’t find any clicks or pops. They are delivered in 16-bit/ 44.1 kHz .WAV format which allows you to load them in the sampler of your choice.

And the best part is that all sounds are royalty free!

Free Hip Hop Drum Kit content:

  • 28 carefully crafted one shot drum hits for hip hop:
    • 3 claps
    • 4 hats
    • 9 kicks
    • 5 percussions
    • 7 snares
  • high quality sounds delivered as 16-bit .WAV format
  • the kit is compressed as .ZIP file
  • all sounds work perfectly in any DAW or sampler
  • the drum kit is completely royalty free

Still not convinced? Then take a listen below to see what you can do with this free hip hop drum kit.

Audio demo:

You can use all these samples in your commercial productions without asking for permissions or paying any royalties. All we ask is that you don’t re-distribute them.

Free Hip Hop Drum Kit samples come supplied in a .ZIP file, so you’ll need to extract them before use.

Click to download: Free Hip Hop Drum Kit (1.12MB)

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7 thoughts on “Free Hip Hop Drum Kit

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  2. chris says:

    My name is C-Ram, and i have two free downloads that’ll benefit your website to the new year bringing new and returning vistiers to your website! One is a Drum Kit “Straight From The Trap” and the other is “Nexus XP”

    Here are the links below –

    Drum kit –

    Free Nexus XP –

  3. Andy says:

    Looking for new dope rap music? Search no more, come thru and check out what Da Commission have been working on with the new album

  4. lilk kay says:

    Seems to b useful

  5. C says:

    Here’s one of the better “free” drum kits you’ll find….


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